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Quick & Easy Fix for MacBook Won’t Turn On

Quick & Easy Fix for MacBook Won't Turn On


Apple has positioned itself as an innovative company, their slogan “Think Different” has made them unique from others. They design, manufacture and market their products like smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc. Apple always continues to evolve. Though their products are excellent , finally these are electronic devices which can get damaged, not power up, hang up etc. In this article we are going to discuss some quick and easy fix when MacBook won’t turn on

Quick and Easy fix for Macbook Won’t Turn On

Apple devices are known to be very reliable. All devices, regardless of reputation, have some issues. Let us assume that you haven’t made any recent changes to your MacBook such as adding or replacing RAM or making significant hardware changes. For macOS laptops, here’s what to do if your MacBook won’t turn on.

What to Do If Your MacBook Won’t Turn On.

1. Look Over for Blank / Black Screen

When you first tried to turn on your MacBook, did it not turn on at all or the screen remained black? Black screens are a common laptop problem and not unique to Apple. Make sure you haven’t accidentally set the brightness to zero before doing anything else.

At the top of the keyboard are two keys with the sun symbol. On the one hand the display is darkened and on the other hand brightened. Most laptops won’t go black with this setting, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. If the brightness doesn’t affect the blank screen, then turn off your laptop, unplug any attached peripherals, and turn it back on while listening intently. Can you hear growls? Do you have beeps? fan noise? If you hear something but see nothing, the problem may not be with your laptop, but with your screen. If you don’t hear anything, there are other errors you should troubleshoot.

2. Boot in Recovery Mode

If you hear noises or feedback when you perform an action, but the screen is black, booting your MacBook into recovery mode can fix all problems. Press Command + R to boot into recovery mode. If this action works, you will see the macOS Utilities screen. When recovery mode is successful, reboot your MacBook and it should boot normally. If not, read on You may have other issues.

3. Check Power Connection

Plug the MacBook charger into your laptop and into a power outlet. Make sure both connections are tight. Look out for power cord damage. If nothing happens, try a different outlet or check the outlet you’re using for another device.

Check the power cord or adapter If the outlet works. If you can borrow a replacement within 5 minutes, please do so. If your laptop doesn’t work with a different charger, continue troubleshooting. Use Apple-branded cables whenever possible. Some third-party charging cables either don’t have the correct amperage required to properly power your device, or the wires are brittle inside and can be damaged. You can turn on your computer using the cable and charging block that came with your device.

4. Carry Out a Power Cycle

The next step is to perform a full power cycle on your MacBook. This may seem counter intuitive, but in most of the cases this is a simple fix that works. Simply connect your MacBook to the charger and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds or more. This action is the same as removing all power to the laptop and removing the battery. At this time, you may hear noise. Press and release the power button, turn it off for a few seconds, and then press it again to boot your MacBook Pro normally. With any luck, it will boot normally. If not, your MacBook won’t turn on yet then you should read on next.

5. Reset System Management Controller

SMC is the system management controller. It manages all low-level functions of your Macbook Pro, such as: Such as power buttons, displays, batteries, fans, motion detection, keyboards, indicator lights, and other similar items. Resetting the SMC restores many settings to their default values, so they are usually left alone. If you’ve gotten this far without booting successfully, try resetting the SMC on your MacBook Pro.

  • Disconnect your laptop from its charger and peripherals.
  • Press and hold Shift + Control + Option and the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Release all buttons and reconnect the charger.
  • Then press the power button to wake up the laptop.

If you say my mac won’t turn on due to an SMC error, it should boot normally. After a successful boot, you’ll have to reconfigure some hardware settings, but it’s a small price to pay to get your laptop working again. This setback is definitely better than time-consuming and expensive professional maintenance.

6. Reset SMC or T2 chip

In recent years, Apple merged its SMC and T2 chips. So the steps are slightly different for the new Macbook versions. Here’s what you should do to fix macbook won’t turn on or macbook air wont turn on:

  • Ensure that your MacBook is totally powered off.
  • Press Ctrl, Option, Shift for 7 seconds.
  • While holding down the existing three buttons, also hold down the power button. Hold for 7 seconds and release the button.
  • Click the power button again to turn on your Macbook.

7. Remove the Battery

If you have an older MacBook, it may have a removable battery. Check the bottom to see if the battery is removable. With the battery removed, you should be able to see a small retaining clip next to the battery. To remove the battery:

  • Remove the locking clip underneath the Macbook.
  • Lift the plastic flap to reveal the battery.
  • Release the battery and remove it by pulling the small tab.
  • Reverse the process to reseat or replace the battery or replace the door and clip.
  • Newer MacBook Pros don’t have removable batteries, so this step doesn’t apply if you have one.

If you haven’t used your MacBook for a long time, or if your battery is old or swollen, your battery may be completely discharged and so your MacBook won’t turn on.

8. Unplug the External Devices or Accessories

It may sound strange, but if your MacBook won’t turn on normally, try unplugging it and starting it up. All USB devices, printers, or other connections should be temporarily disconnected. Then try restarting your MacBook by pressing and holding the power button. If your MacBook Pro still won’t turn on, there’s little you can do at this point without voiding your warranty. We recommend having our expert technician to take a look. Hopefully a professional can get your laptop working again without voiding your warranty or making things worse!


My MacBook won’t turn on or my macbook air won’t turn on when I press the power button. Your MacBook only has a black screen. What now? Do not worry! Follow the above step-by-step tips to determine what’s wrong with your MacBook. Even if you don’t consider yourself a technician, you may be able to solve the problem yourself with the help of these tips.

To sum up the reason behind why my macbook won’t turn on:

  • To sum up the reason behind why my macbook won’t turn on:
  • Check for a faulty battery cable
  • Restore T2 security chip firmware
  • Check for faulty keyboard
  • Check for faulty trackpad
  • Check for faulty RAM
  • Check for faulty screen (Sounds and Lights)
  • Perform a power cycle
  • Check for flat battery
  • Reset SMC or T2 chip
  • Unplug all accessories
  • Check the power connection like power outlet, AC power cord, DC cable
  • Use a known adapter
  • Choose Professional MacBook repair services

We at CRC, are macbook specialists based in Conroe, we fix all Mac related issue. If your Mac still won’t turn on after trying these tips and methods, you may need professional help to get your Mac working again. Contact us to know about repair options, services available in the market.


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