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Ever wonder if your computer is REALLY protected from hackers on the internet?

Let us, the professionals handle that for you, and provide you the best and most advanced software in the market
Ransomware is up, make sure you don’t go down!

Stop threats and reduce business risk. We have plans to meet your budget.

Ever Wonder if your computer is really protected from hackers on the internet?

Stop online threats in their tracks.   –  Reduce business risk.   –  Stay protected on any budget.

Most business owners believe their computers and devices are protected from online threats, but there’s a problem…

Generic security software is not able to protect against the most advanced online threats.

New online attacks that get around generic software - viruses, ransomware, zero-day threats, malware and more - are being discovered every day.

Recovering from an online attack is much harder than preventing one.

Getting hacked could mean the loss of money, private data, personal and business information and much more.

Don’t leave your business at risk any longer. Get protected and ensure your business keeps going strong, free from any online threat.

Get the best protection   –  Reduce risk.   –  Stay protected


Get fast (and easy) protection against all online threats - on virtually any budget.

We understand how important your digital assets are in your business. The online threats to businesses who rely on the internet (who doesn’t nowadays?) are more serious than ever. We use only the most powerful and effective business-level security software – without costing you a fortune.



Complete protection for all your devices.

Defend against viruses, ransomware, zero-day threats, and other serious online threats.

Smarter, stronger, and better solutions than traditional security software.

Get business-level and Next Generation Antivirus that is proven effective, powerful, unobtrusive, and best of all, simple.

Choose the Security Software that Fits Your Business

Residential Security Essentials

  • Real-time File Guard – provides real-time malware protection against all types of malware. File Guard checks all downloaded and modified files using our AI-supported dual-engine scanner.
  • Web Protection & Browser Security – Blocks your connection to malicious websites while fully respecting your right to privacy. Browse with confidence knowing you’re fully protected from malware hosts and phishing scams.
  • Behavior Blocker – Continuously monitors the behavior of all active processes. If the Behavior Blocker notices anything suspicious, it steps in and raises the alert.
  • Anti-Ransomware – Stops ransomware before it has the chance to encrypt your precious data.
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Business Security Essentials

Business Security Essentials has all the features of our Residential Security software but built for businesses.  It is more capable, less complexity, using fewer programs, which makes for a faster running computer.

  • Full featured enterprise-grade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).
  • Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) and behavioral AI to stop known and unknown threats, before they mess up your computer.
  • Additional features can be setup like network control, USB device control, and Bluetooth device control.
Security Software- Computer Repair Conroe in Texas

Business Security Platinum

Everything from Business Essentials package is included in Platinum, but more.  Our Web content filtering solution allow you to monitor, control, and protect users when online. Our solution makes it possible to allow or deny activities that  users up to on the internet, protecting them and data from evolving threats. 

  • Malware Blocking – Blocks Malware, Phishing, Viruses, Ransomware& Malicious Sites.
  • Content Filtering – Business web filter eliminates malicious content at the source.  Remove the ability of people to waste time on social media, shopping or block any undesirable website.
  • Phishing Prevention – AI-Powered Protection Against Active and Emerging Phishing URLs/Websites including Zero-Minute Threats.
  • With Business Security Platinum you get custom hourly pricing for IT Support tailored to your business’s needs.
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