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The Complete Guide To Small & Midsize Business Computer Networking

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One of the most important things in a business is to find ways to create efficiencies in your business to improve profits. If you want to keep up with the competition and create opportunities for your business to grow, computer networking services are essential. So, a computer network or business computer network is one of the most critical technology solutions you can bring to your small business. Computer networks are an essential service that a lot of businesses need. Business owners may think computer networking is a luxury reserved for larger organizations. This is not the case. Computer network services are valuable to any company, no matter how large or small. If you haven’t had a business computer network set yet, now is the time.

Why is computer networking services a must have for any business?

So, as a business owner, you don’t have to leave your small business at risk. You don’t have to do this all by yourself or pay a high service fee. A business may start with just one computer and printer. Computer networking helps to share a single hardware device like a printer among computers. Companies need not buy separate hardware devices for each computer.
Technology such as computer networks facilitates information and resources sharing. It provides the best security and enables easy data backup solutions for any business.

What is a computer network?

A computer network is a cluster of computers and hardware devices like fax machines, printers, scanners, data storage, visual or audio show devices. The devices are connected to facilitate resource-sharing. Even two computers can be networked, hence small businesses should consider implementing a computer network. Computers can be connected using a network cable or wireless media. Hardware, software, personal computers, and other devices can be nodes in a computer network.

Types of networks

Computers are directly connected in a peer-to-peer computer network. This is the most basic type of network system that enables users to share resources such as scanners and printers. In this network, each linked computer has an equal role and responsibility.

Business computer networking

Server-client networking – This network consists of computers connected to a central computer. The central computer known as a server controls the whole network and shares information. Because the servers have specific software which manages the computer network and stores data centrally. The server software enables to share resources like printer, fax, files, sending/receiving e-mail, and to connect multiple users to the internet.

Business Computer Networking

IT support companies can help to decide whether a client-server or peer-to-peer network would be suitable for your business.

8 ways business computer networking can benefit your organization

A computer networking solution can be of immense benefit to your business. Networking links all the resources and retrieves important data from the central location. Now let’s see how computer networking & right network support can help your business grow.

  • File and resource sharing – A network enables staff to share and exchange data. A network provides access to various tools – hardware and software by which your staff can communicate with one another. Besides this, it additionally offers collaboration options and permits your users to work on a single document which is not possible with individual computers.
  • Cost-effective resource sharing – A computer network allows hardware sharing and thus saves on the amount of money spent on hardware.
  • Storage sharing – Networking provides benefits of combined storage volume of all the computers.
  • Reduced costs on software – Many software can work as networked software. You can buy a single license and install it on the central server. So, all your users can use the software on their PC and need not install a separate license.
  • Accessibility – One can create documents anytime anywhere and store on central server. Later, you can access the document exactly where you left off and continue working.
  • Network security – It is possible with central server to implement and enforce password policies and force users to periodically change their passwords.
  • Data backup and protection – With networking it is possible to secure and backup data regularly. So, backing-up data prevents loss of valuable business info.
  • Cost-saving and productivity – Multiple computers in a network can share single internet connection. This can save costs. Therefore, Business computer networking increases productivity, reduces expenses and saves time. Computer networking enables employees to share company resources like printers, fax, and other network devices.

Computer networking payback period

Similarly, Business computer networking services provide tremendous cost benefits. Companies are concerned about hardware, software costs of networks and hence reluctant in implementing this new technology.
As indicated by Forbes*, entrepreneurs are quickly realizing their investments in networking and reaping benefits. Companies utilizing server networks see that their workers can now be working on more revenue-producing tasks. The survey has shown that the normal payback period, of server networks, goes from 2.4 to 4.9 months. Due to business, computer networking businesses can broaden their geographic reach, find new clients, and increase incomes while keeping the costs the same.


In conclusion, peer-to-peer networks are cheaper and easier to implement and maintain, and client/server networks can be much more useful for a small business as it leads to greater productivity, security, and lower costs. Because a network can immensely benefit your small business if you have multiple computers and your employees need to share resources like printers, scanners, fax, internet connection, and computer files. It would be more feasible for you to establish a peer-to-peer network if you have five PCs or less, in your office. If you have more than five computers, the client/ server network is the best networking solution.

About CRC

Computer Repair Conroe, Texas is a leading company for computer networking services in Texas. At Computer Repair Conroe, Texas we are confident that our Computer network support services can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company. Not only do we offer customized consulting, but we can also install and maintain your computer networking as your business grows.

Our IT professionals have done consulting work for companies of all sizes. We would be more than happy to optimize your current computer network. We can help prevent wasted time, frustrated employees, and lost revenue. Our computer networking services in Texas include services like Routing & Switching, Security Appliances & Firewalls, WAN Optimization, Network Installation, VoIP & Unified Communications, Wireless, IPSec & SSL VPN, and others.

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