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The Surprising Benefits of On-Demand IT Services

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We live in the digital era, where technology has become an integral part of our lives. To keep up with the times, companies need to have operational solutions that are as effective as possible. Any downtime can reduce a company’s productivity. Managed IT and Break fix IT services play a vital role in the world of enterprise IT support. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), in particular, must choose between break fix IT services and managed IT, trying to integrate the capabilities of available IT resources and personnel. However, companies often opt for the break/fix approach because they only have to pay for the IT services rendered. In fact, when companies look for ways to cut costs, they often choose to reduce technology costs and opt for the break/fix approach.

In this article, we will discuss how break fix IT services can support the requirements and budget of your business and the surprising benefits of this model.

Break Fix IT Service Model

In Break fix IT services also known as On-Demand IT services, the service provider can offer various services like system repairs, installations and upgrades across hardware, software, and networking platforms and also provide data security, cyber security services. The advantage of break fix IT services is it allows to take control of IT operations without building a large in-house team of experts.

However, Break/Fix IT Services interact with your business only when IT problems strike. Hence, vendors send a professional IT technician to your site to analyze system problems and then provide on-site solutions. Companies pay for the services offered during their appointment.  On-Demand IT Services do not include any monthly contracts or subscriptions with integrated ongoing costs. This ad hoc approach to network, hardware and software maintenance means organizations get the IT services they need only when they need them.

What is Covered in Break Fix IT Services?

Repair services may vary between providers. Some common services you may receive from a repair service provider or through a repair service contract include:

  • Hardware configuration
  • Installation of equipment
  • Peripheral setup
  • Software installation & configuration
  • Scan and remove viruses / malware
  • Data recovery

Top Benefits of Break / Fix IT Services

Let us see what are the benefits of Break / Fix IT Services.

The transactional nature of Break/Fix IT Services brings its own range of benefits:

  1. Paid Model: Break / Fix IT Services is on a case-by-case basis means that companies pay only for the services actually provided. No monthly subscriptions, plus ongoing or additional costs added to bills. In addition, break fix IT also means organizations don’t have to go through the contracting process – researching, checking, bargaining, and maintaining a contract with a third-party managed service provider (MSP) that could raise their rates or offer offers to no avail. 
  2. Self-Rule: Organizations with On-Demand  IT Services allow their IT staff to resolve most system failures or problems independently. Depending on the dynamics of the IT department, this can be a fulfilling and empowering responsibility.
  3. Simplicity:  Businesses with an On-Demand  IT Services mindset keep the vast majority of IT operations in-house. Additionally, they can determine when, where, why, and how often they allow third parties to access internal systems and software. Using a simple service that mirrors other repair service models, such as self-repair. This transactional nature can be attractive to organizations that value simplicity.
  4. Authority:  Direct autonomy and an emphasis on internal management give organizations a greater sense of control over IT. Companies make all final decisions about the scope and access external parties have with their networks. This helps in increasing their sense of ownership of IT.

Do Only Small Businesses Benefit from Break Fix Model?

It’s a firm belief that only small businesses can benefit from partnering with On-Demand service providers, but that’s not true.
Break Fix IT services have already proven to be an efficient and cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, SMBs often can’t afford internal IT departments and have direct access to certified IT professionals like large corporations.
Although large companies have in-house IT resources, they also need professional help from service providers. Service provider team may act as an extension of their internal teams. It helps relieve pressure on internal employees by allowing them to focus on strategic goals or projects. Moreover, the employees can take up more demanding challenging work such as implementing new systems or streamlining existing processes.


Who Can Get Benefited from On Demand Model?

Owing to the cost-efficiency of on-demand IT services, it benefits not only small and medium businesses but also large enterprises. In fact, all types of companies get benefited when they work with Break/Fix IT service providers.

Here are few aspects of break fix IT services which can help you decide if break fix is the right model for your company.

  • You need quick access to skills that often cannot be found internally
  • Have your own IT team to answer and solve problems
  • Your budget is tight and you have to cut costs everywhere
  • Your budget manages the unpredictable IT costs associated with unforeseen problems
  • You rarely have problems with IT
  • Don’t want to sign long term ongoing contracts


To Conclude

On-Demand IT Services give you the support you need for your critical IT technology without the cost and hassle-free managing everything in-house. Ultimately, each business must determine for itself what is going to benefit its operations and its staff. With On-Demand IT Services, you get the help you need exactly when you need it. You pay only for the services provided, giving you full control over your IT spending.

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