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Tips and Tricks for an Enhanced Laptop Battery Life

Tips and Tricks for an Enhanced Laptop Battery Life

Laptops are chosen by most people since they are portable. Whether personal or professional work, laptops make it simpler to do it from literally anywhere. But what makes them be carried and work from every place is their battery that allows you to work on the go even when it is plugged out. Without a good and solid, the laptop will have to be tied to a cord and outlet regardless of where you are, thus limiting its use by taking away the freedom of carrying your laptop anywhere. Hence, it is vital to maintain its life to continue to keep this portability. Laptop Life

Obviously, everyone would want a long-lasting that can work for hours on a single battery charge. So here are some cool tips to keep your cool and healthy for a long. Firstly, laptops use lithium-ion batteries that are sensitive to abusive use. So it is important that you neither overcharge nor deep discharge your which will otherwise reduce the maximum capacity. Meaning which you should not let your battery reach levels below 10% or 20% nor let it charge beyond 90% as this stresses the battery.  Next, find those applications that eat the most of your battery’s energy with the help of the task manager and destroy them and keep your laptop fresh like it was just taken out of the box.

Living in a hot room is hard not just for us but also for our dear laptops. Along with the processors the battery also heats up with use and will degrade the battery life. Thus, it is best to stay out of the heat when using your laptop and frequently cool it down when heated up. Plugging devices to your laptop acts like a parasite feeding on the host. Unplugging unnecessary power-hungry gadgets that sucks up the battery power is necessary. So, just unplug it if you don’t need it! 

Also, there are some more simple things like activating the battery saver mode, turning down the brightness when unnecessary, and turning off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you aren’t relying on them which are the best you can do to keep your battery in good condition. If your battery degrades then your time on the laptop will be limited or non-existent. Keeping your laptop battery in a good state will thus prolong its life and ensure that you can use your laptop anytime from anywhere and meet its purpose.


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